2023.06.01 | 10:00 AM PST

Our goal is simple: within 60 minutes, we will teach, inform, inspire, and hopefully make you tear up from excitement. 


We will need to speak fast because we will cover social access, pricing strategies, picking the right monetization strategy, marketing yourself, and leveraging free QP support from our team to help you win.


We are the world’s first mobile-first social access platform that gives creators a wide range of tools and strategies to earn the money they deserve. 


Our free app doesn’t use algorithms. We reject advertising. We encourage direct connections between creators and fans. And you have absolute control over your content and personal data. 




  • Marketing Brain, Simon
  • Not An Intern, Michiel

Who should have joined?

If you are already on the QP platform, posting content, and wondering how to reach the next level. — You should have joined.


If you are a passionate creator who has realized that traditional social media platforms have no incentive to pay you fairly for the content you upload. — You should have joined. 


If you are a creator who wants a deeper, more meaningful connection with your fans and followers. — You should have joined. 


If you believe that it’s right for social media to automatically expose your new content to all your followers and adequately reward you for the time and resources you’ve invested in creating higher-quality content — You did good, not joining.



Marketing Brain


Simon is a wordsmith guru, PR ninja, and marketing strategy demi-god with the superpower to turn complex ideas into easy-to-understand language.


Fortunately, he is very humble. 


Not An Intern


Michiel thinks of himself as the ’80s, non-mullet-wearing MacGyver of digital marketing. He loves content marketing, challenging the status quo, and not taking himself too seriously.


We call him Not An Intern; Angus would be a bridge too far. 

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