QP Originals

The creators, influencers, and experts who started the revolution of social access channels are our QP Originals. From a wide variety of disciplines, locales, and perspectives, they represent exactly the sort of individuals whose followers and fans want to build a deeper, more authentic, dare we say more social connection with.

Who are the QP Originals?

Business Savant

Rich Moran


Rich Moran is an author of 9 books, holds a PhD in Organizational behavior, is a former VC & Big Five Partner, and hosts a weekly radio on KCBS in the SF Bay Area. 


Rich’s expertise is in the area of start-ups and HR related topics from the employee perspective. 


Rich’s favorite question: Should I quit my job? 

Global Guru

Lisa Patrick

Lisa Patrick is a multi-industry investor, personal business consultant, founder of several companies, author, and public speaker.   


As part of the 2022 Global Gurus Top 30 Branding Expert, Lisa is an award-winning personal brand strategist. Lisa doesn’t just tell you how, she hops in the trenches with you to get the results. 


Awarded a Silver Medal by Top Sales and Marketing Magazine as Top Podcast of 2020,  Lisa is the producer and host of “Coffee with Lisa.” She also recently launched her new podcast in June 2022, “Real Talk with Lisa Patrick.”  

Communication Superstar

Dr. Julee

Dr Julee is a communication strategist, consultant, keynote speaker, and coachShe has a PhD in Organizational Leadership and helps organizations, executives and solopreneurs in communication mentoring, keynotes & presentations, and leadership training, teaching them how best to present themselves and optimize soft skills for business success.  

Author of “The 7 Tactics to Communication Completions”, Julee speaks about the impacts of communication, miscommunication and techniques to build trust and successfully communicate. As host of “The What to Say Podcast”, Dr Julee brings her energy and passion to the fore to inspire and help professionals grow their personal and professional brands.  

Life Coach

Heather Joy Bassett

Author of “A Cosmically Juicy Life”, Heather Joy Bassett is an international transformation speaker, performance strategist, and global investor who helps clients unlock their true potential in business and life.  

Having been a Lacrosse World Champion and founded a successful Podiatry Clinic that has operated for over 36 years, Heather has helped over 15,000 clients improve their quality of life and health. Today, Heather bridges her business, marketing, and team expertise to support entrepreneurs and professionals in their lives, workplaces, and communities.  

Entrepreneurial Megastar

JT Foxx

JT Foxx is a global entrepreneur and investor doing business in 54 countries and has clients in 104 in everything from real estate, marketing, internet, technology. His yearly event, Mega Success, has attracted A-listers and billionaires from all over the world. Top names like Sylvester Stallone, Al Pacino, Mark Wahlberg, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Donna Karan, Calvin Klein, Vince Vaughn, Stedman Graham, Michael Douglas, Jack Nicklaus, Michael Irvin, 50 Cent, Russell Peters, Jillian Michaels, Michael Eisner, Charlie Sheen, Jason Alexander, Moira Forbes, Brooke Shields and many more have all attended Mega Success.


JT Foxx has also created a global network called The Founders. He has appeared on many magazine covers and television programs. He is also widely recognized as the world’s #1 wealth & business coach.


JT Foxx has been described by Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak as the “Closest thing to Steve Jobs he has ever met”. Although a great compliment, in JT’s eyes no one will ever come close to one of his biggest inspirations to success.

Decision Engineer

Michelle Florendo

Host of “Ask a Decision Engineer,” a podcast with 4 seasons, Michelle is a Stanford trained Decision engineer and executive coach. Michelle has helped hundreds of professionals apply decision engineering to their businesses and lives. Her company, Powered By Decisions, LLC, provides services such as decision and executive coaching, as well as workshops for organizations ranging from start-up accelerators to global tech giants. Her work has been featured in Inc. and Forbes. 


With her track record of coaching success, Michelle is a Founding Member of the Forbes Coaches Council. Outside corporate settings, Michelle brings her expertise to her alma maters as a part time Stanford Instructor, and Faculty Coach for the Berkeley Executive Coaching Institute.  

Leadership Expert

Ashley Snyder

Currently senior manager of Business Development – Financial Services at Salesforce, Ashley is a proven expert saleswoman who consistently exceeds expected quota numbers throughout business career. She helps other leaders in her space by sharing her expertise and she creates strong, expansive leadership networks (ex. The Investors Networth).

Ashley brings a keen focus on leadership, empowerment, and how to leave an impactful legacy as a leader.

Trading Wizard

Allan Phillip

Allan Phillip is an entrepreneur, FX trader and sports car enthusiast. He has built a community of traders on Discord, sharing his expertise on forex trading, market activities, market trends.

Healthy Transformation

Brian Johnson

Brian is a Health & Transformation Guru of 39 Years based out of Austin, TX, who loves to share his wisdom & experience with others committed to Self Mastery.  


Brian gives his monthly subscribers access to premium video content to help with the fundamentals of their wellness journey; he then offers access to himself for the best personalized methods to reach one’s health goals. 

Unmistakably Creative

Srinivas Rao

CEO and Host of The Unmistakable Creative Podcast, Srinivas Rao has built an empire of professional development advice spanning over 1000 episodes, 6000+ downloads per episode and over 500 five-star reviews in iTunes.


Srinivas is on a mission to help podcast listeners and community members develop valuable habits that express creativity and bring life to their business and personal ambitions

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