Build a Successful Social Access Business

Traditional social media only let you make money by building enormous followings and swamping them with ads. Now you can bring your most enthusiastic fans to a full-featured platform, where their subscription payments support your work.


There’s no new tech to learn – QP is an intuitive smart phone app – just sign up, set up a channel, and you’re off to the races. QP collects the subscription payments and sends them your way. No muss, no fuss, all social networking.

Easy To Get Started

Get started for free. We only receive a small percentage once you start earning on QP, plus an industry-standard rate for processing payments from your patrons.

Step 1

Download the app

Download the app on your iOS phone (Android coming soon).


Using your real phone number, setup an account. Don’t worry, that number will never be revealed to other QP users – it’s how we keep the bots out of QP.



Step 2

Set up your profile

Your profile is both a description of how you present yourself to the world, and a way to segment connections. Each connection is associated with a profile, not your whole account, so you can keep everyone organized.


You may wish to setup a couple of profiles. Use one for friends and family, another for your subscription followers – and create more as you need them to segment your connections.

Step 3

Create a channel

You can exchange messages directly between anyone you have a current connection with. To publish content for viewing by a lot of people at once, you’ll want to create a channel; your connections can then subscribe to that channel to consume your content.


You can have as many channels as you like, and you can choose to make them free or paid. And you always have control over

  • Who is allowed to subscribe
  • Editing your own content
  • Deleting your own content

Step 4

Build your tiers

Within your channels, you can choose to offer different tiers of service.


Maybe you’ll have a tier where subscribers can pay a little to see exclusive content; then a second tier for those who get the content plus access to a monthly AMA; and a top tier, where your most enthusiastic fans can pay a premium to exchange DMs with you on the regular. 


You decide how much social access you’re willing to share – and how much you will change for it.

Step 5

Let your fans know

You already have a following on traditional social media, whether it be Insta, LinkedIn, TikTok or something else.


So reach out to your followers and fans where they are used to seeing you and tell them to join you on QP to build a closer relationship.


Experience suggests between 1% and 5% of your audience may very well follow you over and pay for a subscription: do the math, this is the next step for your online business!

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Together we succeed.

Get started for free. We only receive a small percentage once you start earning on QP, plus an industry-standard rate for processing payments from your patrons.

Early Bird

Keep 90% of your monthly QP revenue and create a new stream of revenue.
10% + payment processing fees
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What is social access?

While traditional social media has become impersonal and addicted to ad dollars, social access is exactly what it sounds like: the opportunity for people to build an authentic, human connection.

Social Access Is The Coin of the Realm

Your best followers want more than to share in your general posts. They want exclusive access – content, conversation, and the ability to message with you direct. They want to be part of your digital social circle.


QP gives you subscription channels so you can choose who gets to be in that circle. You’ll use messaging profiles as well, so that you can organize messages by channel, as well as manage who can and can’t message you. So users can buy access to get to know you, and you can maintain an audience of supporters, while sending away the haters and the trolls.

As Simple as Sending a Text

Other subscription systems force you to pay a fortune for tech help so you can hook together payments, account management, and delivery mechanisms.


You don’t want that!


QP is a smartphone app that is easy to use and keeps you focused on developing your content and your audience, not your tech skills. 

Get Paid for Being You

The average follower may be into your Insta posts or LinkedIn surveys, but your most enthusiastic fans are interested in getting to know you.


Your QP app doesn’t have to feature extensive, complex new content. Rather it creates an authentic connection to your followers, who just want more of your perspective.


For the first time, you’re getting paid just to be you.

Safe & Secure

We can’t emphasize this enough: you remain in control of who is in your channels, and who can send you direct messages.


You can go back and edit or delete your posts and messages any time you want, because they are your intellectual property.


No haters. No trolls. No BS. Ever. 

All the Support You Need

Maybe you’ll just sign up, setup a channel, and get going. If so, fantastic!

If you need a little help developing your plan, working out how to bring fans over, or spreading the word of your new channel, we’ve got your back.


QP Customer Success is here for you. Let us help you get the most out of your Social Access Program with strategic support, promotion, and more.


At QP, we all succeed together!

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