The First & Only Social Access App

QP is the app for expanding your virtual social circle. Run, or subscribe to, paid channels that deliver more than content: they connect creators and followers in a truly personal way.

Multiple Profiles Open Up Communications

Sure, followers can comment on posts, or send DMs, on other platforms – but do creators really engage there? Of course not: the open nature of traditional social media means their DMs are as likely to be from haters and trolls as from friends.


Different profiles allow QP users to give different groups access to communicate, with their messages stored in a clearly-marked area, so that messages from friends, colleagues, and subscribers to different channels can be managed discretely.


And anyone can be removed from access to a profile at any time.




A Single Platform to Publish, Connect, and Charge

There’s no complicated technology to learn, no integrations to muddle through, or cross-platform work to be done. Simply publish to QP, and charge a fair subscription. It’s as easy as being on any social media platform, but with the option for followers to financially support their favorite creators.


For the first time, creators and followers can build a real online relationship, with exclusive content, person-to-person messaging, and access to unique perspectives and expertise.





Control your conversation

Online communications can come back to bite anyone in the behind, even years after a post has been forgotten. QP gives every user full control over their communications: go back and edit or delete anything, any time.


At a time when accidental, or badly thought-out, messages are sinking the status of people around the world, knowing you can correct yourself is a real-world problem, solved.

Real Accounts, Real People

Bot accounts don’t exist on QP, because everyone confirms who they are through their unique phone number: the ability to have multiple profiles means nobody needs multiple accounts.


The flip side of this is you know that anyone you communicate with a is a real person, expressing themselves as they see fit. When you find a great match, connect and continue the conversation – and when you find someone you can’t stand, disconnect and move on without them.







A Safe Way to Connect IRL

Giving our your phone number or email to folks you’ve just met can be uncomfortable: once they know how to reach you, there’s no way to take that back.


With QP, connect using your unique QR code: if they turn out not to be someone you need to be connected with, simply disconnect them and move on.

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