We are QP

Bot accounts don’t exist on QP, because everyone confirms who they are through their unique phone number: the ability to have multiple profiles means nobody needs multiple accounts.


The flip side of this is you know that anyone you communicate with a is a real person, expressing themselves as they see fit. When you find a great match, connect and continue the conversation – and when you find someone you can’t stand, disconnect and move on without them.

Watch and learn

Making Social Media Social Again

Social media has lost its way. So we decided to fix it, by making it easy build authentic connections online. We help folks control their social access, share their perspectives and expertise, and financially support one another through a simple app. Sure, it’s safe and secure, but most of all it’s social.

Meet the team

Led by serial entrepreneur, and coder extraordinaire, Alex Clark, QP proudly claims both Canada and USA as our home. We are an eclectic group, spanning ages, origins, and interests, but we all agree: the web is more interesting when people can be social again.

Alex Clark CEO
Jett Winter COO
Michael Allman CFO
Stephen Hayes-McCoy VP Engineering
Kai Hui VP of Product & Operations
Kevin Chiang Head of Partnerships

The Creators Who Make It Happen

Since our founding, the focus has been on the creators who create and operate amazing channels, which bring unique perspectives and expertise to their followers.


Our job is to ensure their voices are heard, so we spend unimaginable amounts of time and effort trumpeting their offerings. Take a look around – we’re sure you’ll find someone fascinating.


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