I’m a creator I’m a fan

Get paid for being you

Don’t just publish content – engage 1:1 with your biggest fans in a safe environment. Your subscription channels bind you to your followers, and fund your continued creativity.

Share your Expertise

Experts can struggle to effectively monetize their expertise – posting for free is not a big earner, but signing cumbersome contracts can kill off most opportunities.


Using tiered subscription levels, experts can share their knowledge with followers on a low-key, but paid, basis. Now experts can help followers directly, without having to manage contracts, fees, or sharing personal contact information. 

Express yourself Safely & securely

Subscribers follow the creators they want to – and can unsubscribe at any time if that’s not the social interaction they want.


Posts can be edited and deleted at any time, as can direct messages.


You control your conversation.

I’m a creator I’m a fan

Build real connections

Now you can become part of your favorite creator’s extended social circle. Get to know the real person behind the content.

Conversations to change the world

You never thought you’d have your favorite creators in your Contacts list – but now you do.


QP Isn’t just about exclusive content or early notifications about merch drops. It’s about opening up social access between followers and the creators they admire.


Creators simply offer a channel to their followers. The real fans pay a fair subscription to build a new, tighter relationship, while the creator continues to develop their work.

Build Authentic Connections

Creators and followers have a one-way relationship on most social media: one publishes, the other views and Likes.


On QP, creators can create channels that grant direct messaging rights to subscribers, bringing everyone closer together.


Direct messages are managed in their own ‘profiles’ so creators can distinguish followers from different channels. And the right to message can be removed at any time, meaning no haters, trolls, and definitely no BS.