QP is your social.

Your way.

QP is a messenger-first social media platform designed to empower everyone to chat with friends, share content and monetize talents. QP provides feature-rich messaging, content publishing and payment processing all in one easy-to-use app.


You asked and we delivered!

At QP, we’re unique in how we integrate chat, content and monetization. You can connect with your audience more easily. Engage your fans more authentically. Make money more quickly.


Access a better messenger, user privacy and edit/delete your content without the receiver knowing you did.


Start creating content and subscribing to channels. Easily collab with other creators to build awesome content.


Get paid for your expertise and creativity through seamless subscription & donation options.

Keep all the revenue you make on QP for 1 year.

The demand for QP has been incredible and to thank creators for their patience in waiting for payment processing, the first year is on us! QP is giving back to the creator community by allowing everyone to keep all their earnings for the first year on the app.* This means you will make more money on QP than any other platform. We’re making this offer to all creatorsto help you jump start your business in the creator economy.

*You will earn the price of your subscription less Stripe processing fees.

Subscription & monetization is now available for everyone.

QP now allows all creators to monetize their content via donations or subscriptions and offers simple payment processing with Stripe. Whether you are just starting out as an amateur creator or are a seasoned professional creator, you can start your free or paid channels and grow your audience on QP. Creators are always in complete control of the subscription price and the renewal period they set. The best part? QP will always be free for everyone!

Support your

favourite creators.

Did you know you can now make donations to support your favourite content creators directly? QP enables creators to connect with their communities and helps fans connect with their favourite creators too.


Connect with a code.

We take your privacy pretty seriously. You have the option of connecting with others using a QR code rather than giving out personal info like your phone number.


Get paid with real money!

We offer real cash payouts so you know exactly what you’re making. No need to annoy your subscribers with stars, badges or coins. With QP, you can charge in cash and get paid in cash. Keep it simple and let your content be the focus! (Currently, QP pays in USD.)

Play Video

Watch QP's virtual launch with CEO & Founder, Alex Clark.

Alex shares his thoughts on why social media is broken and howthe big social media platforms are purpose-built to benefit the platform-makers and not creators. Alex also talks about how QP is doing things differently with a messenger-first social media approach.

Key Features

  • icon_messages-02
    Keep Your Messages Private
    Access QP’s premium messenger with end-to-end encryption which keeps your messages always secure. Plus, we never track your content or sell your data to third parties.
  • icon_Profiles
    Create Multiple Profiles
    With QP you can create lots of personal profiles and brand yourself uniquely to different audience types.
  • icon_Stealth-1-01
    Slip into Stealth Mode
    When in stealth mode, no one will see you typing. You’ve got all the time in the world to draft that perfect response.
  • icon_Login
    Connect with a Code
    Collaborate and chat with others using a unique code rather than sharing your phone number.
  • icon_Algorithm-01
    YOU are the Algorithm
    QP never messes with the algorithm that controls where your content appears in the feed. This means your creativity will reach users in real-time.
  • icon_Lock
    Secure Your Audience & Brand
    QP offers creators a safe space where you’ll never lose your followers and you’ll protect the brand that you’ve hustled to build.
  • Control Your Content
    Edit and delete your messages without the receiver knowing you did.

QP is re-thinking what social media should be.

At QP, we never collect or sell your data to anyone. We protect your messages with end-to-end encryption that’s built into the app. Are you ready to start practicing safe text?

Start spreading creativity & positivity on QP. Let’s go!

QP is a messenger-first social media platform designed to empower creators-of-all-kinds to engage, interact & monetize their content. Download QP on the App Store and on Google Play.

QP is a messenger-first social media platform designed to empower creators-of-all-kinds to engage, interact & monetize their content. Download QP on the App Store and on Google Play.

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